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Executive Director, SHSB
Shri. Sanjay Kumar, IAS

It gives me great pleasure to announce setting up of a Directorate of Radiation Safety (DRS) under State Health Society, Government of Bihar to enforce safety in diagnostic X-ray units in the State, through regulatory control in coordination with the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). This Directorate will begin its regulatory activities after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, which is the competent authority on radiation safety in the country.
     In Bihar, like most other States in India, status of radiation safety is in its infancy. At a time when great development is taking place in Bihar on all spheres, including medical diagnosis, safety must get front seat priority. Modern medical diagnosis is highly relying on X-ray based equipments, such as Cath labs, CT Scanners, CR, DR, etc., and their proliferation is phenomenal. Every other patient, if not all, are prescribed one or more X-ray based examination. If the X-ray system does not adhere to safety standards and regulatory norms, this would result in an unprecedented rise in the population dose and associated morbidity.
     The Safety Codes and Standards promulgated by AERB for the purchase, installation and operation of X-ray equipments, though are stringent, but can be operationalised with ease. Therefore, all medical diagnostic X-ray equipments presently working in Bihar and all future installations shall strictly adhere to regulatory norms and follow safety standards. Directorate of Radiation Safety will help the user in implementing safety and obtaining Registration / Licence from AERB. Apart from the Director and Deputy Director, there will be 9 Regional Radiation Safety Officers to assist the users.
     On behalf of the Department of Health and State Health Society, I request all X-ray owners and institution heads owning X-ray equipments to implement safety and obtain Registration / Licence for their X-ray unit within one year, ending December, 2013, failing which the owners may have to face regulatory action as stated in the Atomic Energy Act 1962. Government may fix appropriate fees, fine and penalty, as is the case in other states, for defaulters.
     Please remember that SAFETY is also an ATTITUDE.
[Sanjay Kumar, IAS]
Secretary Health & Executive Director
State Health Society, Bihar.
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